RADWIN’s solutions power applications including enterprise and residential broadband access, backhaul, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as delivering broadband for trains and metros. Recent innovations like the JET set a new standard of performance and reliability for wireless broadband. Enabled by RADWIN bi-directional beamforming technology, JET powers the highest industry capacity with the longest range and unparalleled radio interference immunity. While the RW2000 series carrier grade point-to-point and RW5000 series carrier class Point-to-multipoint make up a strong portfolio addition to the Wireless Republic stable of premium wireless products.

Radwin 5000 Series

The Radwin 5000 series puts carrier-class PtMP within your reach. For example, the RW-52G5-2250 is a sector Base Station radio unit (HBS) that provides up to 750 Mbps net aggregate throughput while delivering access connectivity for up to 4 Subscriber Units (HSU).RW-52G5-2250 supports 5.4 to 5.8 GHz and complies with ETSI regulations. The radio is connectorized for external antenna (2 x N-type).


The Jet Subscriber Unit (HSU) provides high capacity access connectivity of up to 250 Mbps net aggregate throughput. 50mbps and 100mbps options also available. RW-55B5-2150 supports 5.1 to 5.8 GHz and complies with ETSI regulations. The radio series comes with either an integrated antenna or connectorised (other models). • Up to 250 Mbps net aggregated throughput with guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) per HSU • Exceptional short and constant latency • Advanced MIMO, OFDM and Diversity technologies  

Radwin 2000 Series

The RADWIN 2000 portfolio offers sub-6 GHz licensed and unlicensed wireless broadband solutions that deliver from 25 Mbps and up to 750 Mbps while operating in the 2.3 to 6.4 GHz bands. RADWIN 2000 solutions are geared for carrier and vertical markets that require high capacity backhaul and reliable access connectivity. The air-interface is based on OFDM and MIMO technologies and incorporates unique features such as MIMO/ Diversity auto selection, fast ARQ and dynamic channel bandwidth selection. The RADWIN 2000 PtP series supports collocation of multiple radios on the same tower using GPS synchronization.  

Jet Base Station

Beamforming solution for fiber-like connectivity RADWIN JET is a disruptive Point-to-MultiPoint smart beamforming solution, excellent for operationin heavily congested unlicensed and licensed bands where spectrum resources are scarce. Offering up to 750 Mbps per sector, RADWIN JET ensures revenue growth for residential and enterprise service providers by delivering fiber-like connectivity with incomparable resiliency.

Smart Node

RADWIN Smart-Node is an outdoor power and communication solution that reduces costs and accelerates the roll-out of smart-city, IoT and telecom projects. The all-in-one Smart-Node solution offers a wide variety of power and networking interfaces including fiber and an array of radio technologies to connect multiple devices such as CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi access points and IoT sensors. Smart-Node enables easy integration with 3rd party devices to support multiple applications ranging from city surveillance, smart-lighting, waste management, smart-metering and more.