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Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions that connect the unconnected

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Unrivaled speed and reliability make RADWIN
the service providers’ go-to partner for fiber-like
quality wireless broadband.

Do more with less! Fewer access points delivering high quality service at a lower overall deployment cost

Patented WiFi3™ technology

Increase Performance not APs

WiFi network suffering from intense data demand?  You can dramatically improve performance and user density with fewer access points using WiFi3™.

Cut Through Interference

WiFi3™ cuts through interference in dense/complex RF environments, while boosting network performance and keeping users happy & connected.

Outperform in High Density

We’re proven to perform better.WiFi3™ outperforms standard WiFi in High Density/High Interference Venues.

Future Proof WiFi

Wireless data demand is intensifying. You need to build a high density network that can handle more users and more data.

Load Balancing

Delivering the highest channel density in the industry, with 3 to 6 channels of concurrent transmit and receive. WiFi3™ powered wireless access points handle the intense data demand of high density wireless networks.

Real Time Spectrum Security

Integrated, real-time spectral surveillance architecture keeps you on-top of your network while scanning for intrusions, rogue APs and more.

Create, monetize and manage any wireless service, in any industry, from our single, scalable captive portal & RADIUS / Wi-Fi AAA platform

Carrier Grade Wireless Without the Licensing Cost…

Gigabit Wireless to Connect Remote Networks, Buildings and LTE Smallcells